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At Clear Ice Rentals, we're committed to offering full transparency and support throughout your rental experience. Our FAQ section provides detailed answers to common questions, ensuring you feel confident every step of the way. Explore below to find information on equipment, rental terms, and much more.

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Our services FAQs

How quickly can I expect a technician to arrive if my ice machine breaks down?

Our 24/7 emergency service is designed for rapid repair to minimize downtime. In the unlikely event that your ice machine requires prolonged servicing, we offer replacement units to ensure your business continues to run smoothly with a reliable supply of ice.

What is included in your preventative maintenance service?

Preventative maintenance is key to the longevity and efficiency of your Hoshizaki ice machine. We kick off our thorough service with a diagnostic test to verify that all parts are operating as they should. This is followed by a cleaning and sanitizing of both the ice machine and its bin, ensuring a hygienic ice supply. Furthermore, to guarantee the purity of your ice, we provide bi-annual water filter replacements as part of this comprehensive service package.

Are replacement parts included in the rental agreement, or do they come at an additional cost?

Rest easy knowing that there are no hidden costs when it comes to replacement parts. Every aspect of your ice machine's well-being is included in our transparent monthly rental amount. From minor adjustments to major component replacements, you won't have to deal with unforeseen expenses. Your satisfaction and uninterrupted service are our top priorities.

How often should I schedule maintenance for optimal ice machine performance?

You don't have to mark your calendar or set reminders for maintenance; we've got you covered. Our team schedules preventive maintenance tailored to your specific needs. Depending on the machine size, your ice production requirements, and usage patterns, we automate the process so you can enjoy optimal performance without lifting a finger.

What is Ice Insurance and how does it work?

With our optional ice insurance, you're covered even in unexpected situations. For a nominal extra fee, this insurance ensures that your business keeps running smoothly even if your ice machine needs extended repairs. In cases of emergencies or prolonged downtimes, we'll deliver ice directly to your location, so you're never left high and dry.

Our customer qualifications FAQs

Is a rental ice machine right for my business type?

Renting an ice machine is ideal for businesses that require a constant supply of ice. This includes restaurants, bars, commercial kitchens, hotels, venues, and convenience stores. If you are a seasonal business with less frequent need for ice, ownership might be a better choice.

What does Clear Ice Rentals look for in a customer?

We offer flexible rental contracts, but we also expect our customers to be reliable. New customers usually enter into an 18-month rental contract. To be eligible, customers should be in good business standing and have plans to continue operations.

What are the benefits of renting vs. owning an ice machine?

By renting from Clear Ice Rentals, you're free from the concerns of initial large investments, expensive repairs, and ongoing maintenance. We handle everything from water filters to programming, so you can focus on your business, not your ice machine.

What are the requirements for where the machine is placed?

It's essential to provide a suitable setting for your rented ice machine to ensure optimal performance and avoid damage. Locations with poor ventilation, extreme temperatures, or the likelihood of physical damage are not appropriate for placement.

Our rental terms FAQs

What happens if I miss a monthly payment?

Customers who miss a monthly payment will be billed for the missed amount on the following month's invoice, along with a small late fee.

How does Clear Ice Rentals handle customer-caused damage to the ice machine?

In the event that a customer damages the ice machine, our qualified service department will assess the damage. The customer will be responsible for covering the cost of repairs to any physical or electrical components affected.

Are there penalties for late payments?

To maintain a regular invoicing system, we find it necessary to charge a small late fee for delayed payments.

What steps does Clear Ice Rentals take to ensure the machine is returned in good condition?

We pride ourselves on providing premium Hoshizaki ice machines that are serviced by factory-trained technicians. To ensure that the ice machines are in perfect working condition, we perform all necessary maintenance, repairs, and cleaning duties using factory-approved components and solutions.

Our ice machine FAQs

What models of Hoshizaki ice machines do you offer?

We specialize in renting out Hoshizaki's KM and KML models. These models are selected for their optimal ice production, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency.

How often will the ice machine require maintenance?

The frequency of maintenance for your rented ice machine is tailored to various factors such as the specific model you select, the volume of ice production required, and your location. This personalized approach ensures optimal performance and longevity of your ice machine.

What's included in the monthly rental fee?

The monthly rental fee covers all maintenance, cleaning, sanitation, and repairs, including parts and labor. There are no hidden fees.

Can I terminate my rental contract early?

You can terminate the contract after the initial 18-month period has been fulfilled and you've switched to a month-by-month basis. Please refer to our rental terms for more details.