Expert Ice Machine Repair by Clear Ice Rentals.

Looking for reliable ice machine repair? As part of our rental program, our specialized technicians are dedicated to ensuring your ice production is as smooth and efficient as possible. With our comprehensive service offerings, we address all aspects of ice machine care to guarantee hassle-free and affordable ice production.

A Program Devoted To Hassle-Free Ice Machine Service.

Don't let ice machine issues disrupt your business. When you request service from Clear Ice Rentals, you're choosing peace of mind. Our expert services ensure that you'll never have to worry about ice again.

Peace of Mind: Our experts diagnose and fix issues promptly, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Cost-Effective: Save money in the long run with our preventive maintenance and high-quality repair services.

Quality Assurance: Trust our factory-trained technicians to deliver top-notch service every time.

Time-Saving: With our efficient repair and maintenance services, you can focus on what really matters—running your business.

Six Ways We Make Ice Machine Rentals Effortless and Reliable

From quality repairs to preventive maintenance, our focus is always on providing you with reliable, cost-effective, and hassle-free solutions. Each of our six core services is aimed at ensuring your business keeps running smoothly, without interruptions.

Expert ice machine repair

Unlike generic HVAC providers who juggle various services, our specialty lies in ice machine repair. Our highly trained technicians ensure that your icemaker is fixed right the first time, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Sanitizing ice machines and bins on-site.

The FDA classifies ice as food, making sanitization crucial. We meticulously disinfect and sanitize your ice machine and bin during every visit, helping you ace health inspections with confidence.

Quality preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a commitment. By offering scheduled, thorough check-ups, we extend your ice machine's lifespan and save you money, reducing the need for frequent and costly ice machine repairs.

Bi-annual filter replacement.

Clear ice starts with clean water. Our bi-annual filter replacement ensures your ice remains untainted and pure, enhancing both taste and safety.

Comprehensive diagnostic testing

We conduct professional diagnostic tests to gauge your ice machine's performance. If your work environment poses challenges, we provide tailor-made solutions to ensure a reliable ice supply, day in and day out.

Factory trained technicians.

Time is of the essence when your ice machine malfunctions. Our factory-trained technicians are geared for fast response times, ensuring that any hiccup in your ice production is short-lived.

Close to You: Fast and Reliable Ice Machine Service

We're local to you, with service centers in key cities across Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Fast response times and local expertise mean you can count on reliable, hassle-free ice production.

Service Questions?

Got questions about ice machine repair and maintenance? We've got answers. Here, you'll find some of the most commonly asked questions about our ice maker repair service.

We aim to put your mind at ease by addressing your concerns, empowering you to make an informed decision about choosing Clear Ice Rentals for a hassle-free and affordable ice production experience.

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How quickly can I expect a technician to arrive if my ice machine breaks down?

Our 24/7 emergency response is designed for rapid repair to minimize downtime. In the unlikely event that your ice machine requires prolonged servicing, we offer replacement units to ensure your business continues to run smoothly with a reliable supply of ice.

What is included in your preventative maintenance service?

Preventative maintenance is key to the longevity and efficiency of your Hoshizaki ice machine. We kick off our thorough service with a diagnostic test to verify that all parts are operating as they should. This is followed by a cleaning and sanitizing of both the ice machine and its bin, ensuring a hygienic ice supply. Furthermore, to guarantee the purity of your ice, we provide bi-annual water filter replacements as part of this comprehensive service package.

Are replacement parts included in the rental agreement, or do they come at an additional cost?

Rest easy knowing that there are no hidden costs when it comes to replacement parts. Every aspect of your ice machine's well-being is included in our transparent monthly rental amount. From minor adjustments to major component replacements, you won't have to deal with unforeseen expenses. Your satisfaction and uninterrupted service are our top priorities.

How should I prepare for upcoming preventative maintenance service?

You don't have to mark your calendar or set reminders for maintenance; we've got you covered. Our team schedules preventive maintenance tailored to your specific needs. Depending on the machine size, your ice production requirements, and usage patterns, we automate the process so you can enjoy optimal performance without lifting a finger. All that we ask, is that the machine and staff are prepared. We preform our PM service during normal business hours and must have access to the machine for a necessary period of time to complete a thorough service during our visit.

What is Ice Insurance and how does it work?

With our optional ice insurance, you're covered even in unexpected situations. For a nominal extra fee, this insurance ensures that your business keeps running smoothly even if your ice machine needs extended repairs. In cases of emergencies or prolonged downtimes, we'll provide your business with ice, so you're never left high and dry.

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