Our ice machine rental program: Simple & affordable.

Experience a new standard in commercial ice machine rental programs. Clear Ice Rentals combines industry expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and customer-first policies to ensure you get the best ice, without the traditional hassles.

Introducing a seamless rental process.

We've created a rental process that is simple, clear, and affordable. Our customers appreciate a process that is crystal clear and efficient; from your initial contact to the moment you receive a top-tier ice machine.

Step: 01

Customer qualification and account assessment.

Our primary focus is to understand your unique requirements. We take the time to assess your business needs, ensuring you get a commercial ice machine that fits your daily operations. Our detailed qualification process ensures that every customer receives a tailored rental experience, with transparent terms and a predictable fixed monthly payment.

Step: 02

Ice machine installation and equipment set up.

There’s no need to stress over complicated setups. Once approved, our team of experienced technicians will handle the installation of your commercial ice machine with precision and care. From positioning the unit for optimal performance to testing its functionality, we take every step to ensure your equipment is ready to go.

Step: 03

Enjoy hassle-free and continual ice production.

With a Clear Ice rental machine in place, you can enjoy a consistent, uninterrupted supply of ice. Our top-tier Hoshizaki ice machines are designed for longevity and efficiency, letting you focus on what you do best. Say goodbye to unforeseen downtimes and relish the peace of mind that comes with a hassle-free ice production experience.

Step: 04

Thorough maintenance and bi-annual filter replacement services.

To ensure your ice machine's prolonged performance, our bi-annual preventative maintenance keeps your machine in its prime condition. From filter replacement, machine cleaning, and bin sanitation, to a complete system check, we guarantee your equipment remains efficient, clean, and healthy. This dedicated care reduces the risk of potential hiccups and ensures you always have a fresh supply of clean ice.

All the advantages you need for crystal clear ice production.

Not all ice machine rental agreements are equal. Traditional contracts often have hidden pitfalls, but Clear Ice Rentals offers transparent benefits that prioritize your needs and budget.

Stuck in long term contacts.

Traditional rentals can lock you into 3-5-year contracts, hindering flexibility and potentially overlooking your needs.

Extra charges for basic services.

Beyond the basic rental fees expect additional charges for any maintenance and repairs.

Includes costly hidden fees.

When the machine breaks down, traditional rentals might make you pay extra for replacement ice, adding unexpected expenses.

Harsh termination fees.

If circumstances change and you want to end the rental early, steep fines can make the exit costly.

Flexible rental agreements on premium machines.

We provide top-of-the-line commercial ice machines from the most reputable brands, ensuring quality and consistency.

Professional services included.

One fee covers deep cleaning, PM service, repairs, and two filter replacements, keeping the machine in peak condition

Reliable ice coverage insurance

We provide affordable ice insurance. In case of a breakdown, you won't be left in the cold.

Flexible 30 cancellation policy.

We understand that needs change. That's why we offer a 30-day, no-penalty cancellation policy. Flexibility at its best.

Included services for hassle free service.

We’re more than just a rental service. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, we're committed to keeping your machine in peak condition.

Always competitive, and always transparent pricing.

Affordability meets quality. Our pricing structure ensures you get excellent value, without hidden charges or surprises.