Unlocking the Terms of Your Ice Machine Rental.

We prioritize transparency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. Whether you're a long-term customer or considering becoming one, this information will clarify what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

Managing rental expectations.

A successful rental experience is a two-way street. It's essential for both parties to understand what is expected in a rental agreement. In this section, we outline the mutual commitments that serve as the foundation of our rental contracts.

18-Month Initial Agreement: We start with an 18-month rental contract, followed by the flexibility of month-to-month payments.

Comprehensive Coverage: Your rental fee covers everything — from repairs and parts to regular maintenance and cleaning.

Contract Termination: Clear guidelines are provided for both parties to exit the contract, ensuring a fair and smooth process.

Proper Operating Conditions: Customers are expected to provide a suitable environment for the ice machine, including appropriate ventilation, temperature control, and utilities.

Understanding your rental agreement with Clear Ice Rentals.

With Clear Ice Rentals on your side, you're not just renting an ice machine; you're investing in a hassle-free, trustworthy relationship that prioritizes your needs and business continuity.

Your rental term:

A flexible commitment.

We value flexibility and ease for our customers. Our standard rental agreement spans 18 months, giving you the security and benefits of a consistent ice supply. After the initial time commitment, you have the freedom to go month-to-month, providing you with added flexibility. For those who prefer long-term stability, we also offer multi-year agreements.

What's included:

Premier service with no hidden fees.

When we say our rental fee is all-inclusive, we mean it. Your monthly payment covers not just the machine, but all repairs, parts, scheduled travel and maintenance, as well as cleaning, and sanitation expenses. To ensure pure and high-quality ice, we also offer two complementary water filter replacements. There are no surprises or hidden fees; 99% of repairs are covered, except under "exceptional" conditions.

24/7 Emergency Repairs

OEM Hoshizaki Parts

Scheduled Travel & Maintenance

Deep Cleaning & Sanitation

Bi-annual Water Filter Replacements

Termination policy:

Fair and transparent.

We're committed to a fair and transparent rental experience. While Clear Ice Rentals can terminate a contract if the machine isn't cared for or used appropriately at anytime, customers not on a contracted time agreement can terminate with a 30-day notice, without any penalties.

Customer responsibilities:

Keeping the machine in optimal condition.

While we cover most aspects of the machine's functionality, there are a few responsibilities you'll need to handle. We expect the machine to be placed in an area with adequate airflow, temperature control, water supply, electrical connection, and drainage. You're responsible for any repairs or damage resulting from improper care or misuse.

Service coverage:

Exceptions to service.

Please be aware that additional service visits outside of the predetermined maintenance schedule may incur service fees. Specifically, if a service call is requested and upon inspection no issue is found with the machine, a service fee will be charged to the customer. This is to cover the costs associated with dispatching our technicians and helps us maintain the overall affordability of our rental program for all customers.

Conditions not covered:

"Exceptional Conditions"

While our rental agreement is designed to cover most repairs and services, there are certain exceptional conditions that fall outside its scope. These include, but are not limited to:

Damage caused by misuse or abuse of the machine, such as tampering with machine parts, using it for a purpose other than ice production, or removing it from the business location.

Damage caused by improper placement, such as outdoor areas with weather exposure, poorly ventilated spaces, or extreme temperature conditions.

Repairs or damages directly caused by the customer, including but not limited to, physical harm to the machine, using improper cleaning agents, or failure to provide necessary utilities like water and electricity.

Repairs or damages caused or resulting from an Act of God. Phenomenons such as fires, floods, earthquakes, tornados, etc.

These conditions are considered "exceptional" and any repairs or replacements necessitated by such conditions will be the financial responsibility of the customer.

Service & Repair Coverage
18 Months
Minimum Rental Terms
2 Filters
Changes At No Expense
Cancellation Policy With No Fees

Mutual Understanding for Lasting Partnerships:

At Clear Ice Rentals, our rental agreements are more than just contracts; they're a partnership. We go above and beyond to keep your operations running smoothly, providing 24/7 emergency service, hassle-free maintenance, and clear, transparent pricing.

Flexible Terms for Your Peace of Mind: We understand that business needs can change, which is why we offer flexible contract options. After the initial one-year term, customers have the freedom to continue on a month-to-month basis, ensuring a rental experience tailored to your evolving requirements.

Quality Service Without Hidden Costs: There are no surprises when it comes to our billing. All your expenses, including repairs, parts, and even routine maintenance, are covered in your monthly fee. Our transparent approach means you can focus on what matters most—your business.

Rental Agreement FAQ

Navigating a rental agreement can raise several questions, especially when it comes to the finer details of payments, penalties, and maintenance. That's why we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to bring clarity to our rental process.

Dive in to find answers that ensure a smooth, transparent rental experience with Clear Ice Rentals.

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What happens if I miss a monthly payment?

Customers who miss a monthly payment will be billed for the missed amount on the following month's invoice, along with a small late fee.

How does Clear Ice Rentals handle customer-caused damage to the ice machine?

In the event that a customer damages the ice machine, our qualified service department will assess the damage. The customer will be responsible for covering the cost of repairs to any physical or electrical components affected.

Are there penalties for late payments?

To maintain a regular invoicing system, we find it necessary to charge a small late fee for delayed payments.

What steps does Clear Ice Rentals take to ensure the machine is returned in good condition?

We pride ourselves on providing premium Hoshizaki ice machines that are serviced by factory-trained technicians. To ensure that the ice machines are in perfect working condition, we perform all necessary maintenance, repairs, and cleaning duties using factory-approved components and solutions.